I had the great pleasure of working with Andy Wiseman in the NWSL. Andy was incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to his team and his players.

He consistently brings intellect and passion to sports science, and is a wonderful person to top it off!

Amy Rodriguez

Andrew is by far and away the best Sports Performance Director I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. 

In regards to the role he was always able to guide the staff and players on the correct perfomamce path for each player on each day to improve our chances of being able to play our style effectively come match day. 

One of Andy’s true special qualities is simplifying the details of what was needed by qualifying into space, time, players and intensity. It’s never been easier for me to understand, learn and implement into my training environment. I’ve seen so many players and teams that Andy has work with improve exponentially as athletes on the pitch. 

And last but not least, Andy is a trustworthy man, a man who always acts with integrity and respect. He is the benchmark for me in the modern day sports scientist.

Scott Parkinson,
Head Coach, Gotham NY/NJ & former Utah Royals Assistant Coach

‘I’ve worked with Andy on many occasions in getting me ready for the season and I’ve always come back in great shape.

His attention to detail in the sessions he prepares and the relevance to my position gives me an advantage when I start back training.

Andy always keeps on top of me and there is always a sense of progression when working with him.

I would recommend Andy to any sports person.

Dominic Ball, Queens Park Rangers FC

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